Yehudy Yaar (Forest Jews), by Tuvia Bielski in Hebrew Tel Aviv 1946.

Novogrudek memorial book, in Yiddish and Hebrew printed in Tel Aviv in 1963.

Partisans, by Yehoshua Jaffa printed in Hebrew

In Ghetto Novogrudek and in the partisan movement, by Yehoshua Jaffa. Printed in Israel in 1988. (in Hebrew)

Defiance (The Bielski partisans), by Nachama Tec 1993.

Surviving the Holocaust with Russian Jewish partisans, by Jack Kagan and Dov Cohen 1998. In Byelorussian (Minsk 1999) In French (Paris 2002)

The Bielski Brothers, Peter Duffy, Published 1993 by Harper Collins: How three men defied the Nazis, saved 1,200 Jews and built a village in the forest. Published in the United States July 2003, and the same book for the United Kingdom was called 'Brother in Arms'

Author - Jack Kagan
Editors - Joanna Newman and Paula Kitching
Editorial Assistants - Johannes Reitter and Othmar Kastner

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