Jews Regulation document: Circular Letter.

To all District Mayors, Commune Mayors and Village Elders

I am enclosing a series of wall posters concerning the confiscation of Jewish property. They are to be posted in sufficient numbers on sites which are clearly visible. The collection of Jewish property will take place on the 28.11.1941. On that day every Mayors office will each prepare one room, which will serve as collection point and will be occupied by two officials of the District of the Commissariat. For the preparation of those rooms, which must be neat and orderly the District Mayor is responsible.
To enable the Jews, who are ordered to hand over their possessions, to pass along the street to the district offices I am also enclosing pass forms. Those pass forms are to be handed to the Commune Mayors and Village Elders according to the numbers of Jews in their area. Jews, whose duty it is to hand over their possession, will report to the Commune Mayor or village Elder in order to obtain a pass form.

They will enter in the relevant spaces the name of the Jew to the place where he lives, the pass form must be returned to the village elder and must be handed on to the District Commissar via the Commune Mayor.

The Jews, who are with their possessions to be handed over, will assemble in the communes and villages and will march in close formation to the district town, under the supervision of the Jewish Council. After handing over their possession and valuables they will be led back, marching in close formation.

Every misuse of the pass forms or travel permit will be punished. The Jewish councils are responsible for this.
The district and Commune Mayors as well as the Village elders are responsible that all orders regarding the handing over the property of the Jews are carried out.
In the District Towns, the civilian police will line up the Jews in front of the District Mayors offices who will than be dealt with in alphabetical order.

Further two civilian policemen will be on duty in the collection point in case of special use.

Unpleasantness during the preparations for the handover, refusal to hand over or hiding of valuable items are to be reported immediately to the German officials.

Novogrudek, the 22 November 1941.

Signed: Traub
District Commissar.