Extract from Jack Kagans Story

"Everything was togetherness. The most important thing in life was family. My father Yankel was a businessman. My mother Dvore was a businesswoman who looked after our two shops, where we sold the saddles and sandals produced in our workshops. I had a sister, Nachama, two years older than myself."

"We were a middle-class family; not short of anything by the standards of the day. Novogrudek had a Jewish population of between 6,000 and 6,500, which made up half of the town's inhabitants. There were really no problems between the Jews and the local population. But from 1935 the situation began to change. Poles from western Poland started to settle in our town, bringing strong feelings of antisemitism with them. The Jews lived in the centre of the town and most of the shops belonged to them. They formed the majority of the professional people. Jewish community life was organised through the synagogues and unions. There were all sorts of Jewish institutions - hospitals, Hebrew schools, orphanages - and there was a Jewish theatre, a library, a bank and Jewish newspapers."