Jewish Politics and Social Groups

The Jews of Novogrudek, displayed a variety of interests and activities in their communal life. The size of the community in the town allowed for a number of synagogues, divided predominantly amongst the various trades.

The community reflected the diversity of political opinions and organisations throughout Eastern Europe. There were Communist, Socialist, Bundist, nationalist, as well as a number of Zionist groups.

The town had a number of newspapers that were published in Yiddish, and a strong library.

The town boasted a number of theatre groups, musicians, choirs, a firemanís band, and discussion groups.

There were also Maccabi sports associations, including a football team that played in the local league and a cycling team. Maccabi was a political youth group, formed to encourage Jewish youth to learn about politics, their Jewish identity and have fun.

Jack Kagan was born in Novogrudek on 7 April 1929. Two brothers (one of whom was his father), married two sisters (one of whom was his mother).